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National Healthcare Network

The National Healthcare Network An Enterprise of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, (former National Diagnostic Network (NDN)), having its Head Office at Commercial Plot No: 27-28, Main Road-1, Section: 6, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216 was established in June 1996 as a new project of the BADAS with the primary objective of providing quality diagnostic services throughout the country at a reasonable cost. ........See More

Our Our Special Services

Executive Health Check Program (EHCP):

Prevention is better than cure’ is the motto of this program. Many chronic diseases, which claim so many lives permanently or render then disabled, are essentially preventable. They can be saved by early detection and appropriate management by trained doctors.

Lipid and Obesity Clinic(LOC):

Hyperlipidemia and obesity are the two risk factors for several diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and chronic lung disease. Well-trained nutritionists, doctors and counsellors, supported by appropriate diagnostic tests for lipid estimation and body fat determination, help those individuals to achieve desired targets.

Pharmacy Chain:

At some Centres, there is an attached pharmacy to dispense medicines which are selected from reputable Manufacturers and properly stored in specified conditions to preserve their full potency and at competitive prices.

National Institute of Healthcare (NIH):

An Honours degree course in Laboratory Sciences has been initiated. Subsequently other courses are planned for nurses, clinical nutritionists, physiotherapists etc.


NHN Nursing Institute- A Nursing Institute of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh

National Healthcare Network (NHN)

Universal Health Coverage Plan (UHCP)

Introduction to Preconception Care Through Religious Leaders

IBRAHIM Health line 10614

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